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Corporate Profile

Chief Executive Officer

Dato’ Low Kok Wah

Mr Low is the Chairman and CEO of VHQ responsible for charting and executing growth plans for the international VHQ network. Mr. Low has been with Yellow River Network, VHQ’s parent company, since 1991. Subsequently, he was appointed as the general manager of VHQ in 1997. In 2001, Mr Low became the controlling stakeholder of VHQ through an MBO.


Prior to VHQ, Mr Low worked as a Senior Credit Analyst in American Express International, Inc. Mr Low holds a Bachelor of Law from University of London.



Mikki Ho joined VHQ in 1993 as the Executive Secretary to the Chairman.  Over the years, she was exposed to many facets of the business, including finance, administration and HR.  By 2001, she was the Head of Administration and HR as well as the Credit Controller of the various VHQ companies,  Mikki was part of the management team involved in the successful MBO of the VHQ companies in 2001 and became its shareholder and Director, with Administration and HR portfolio.  She is also part of the Corporate Team in VHQ, involved in the restructuring exercise prior to VHQ’s Series A fundraising in 2014 and throughout the entire process leading to its eventual IPO in 2015.


Mikki is a Singaporean. 



Eugene Hong is a Director appointed to the Board in 2015. Mr. Hong joined Huahong Venture in 2009 as a consultant and in 2010 with the Huahong venture to set up Yuhong Management Consultants Co., Ltd., as general manager. Mr. Hong has 20 years of venture capital, private equity, banking, investment and post-investment management experience specializing in financial analysis, investment and mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Hong's involvement with Huahong Ventures included F-Hui Yang (2637), F-Dongling (2924), F-Guanghua (1338), Hongkai (5244) and Chih-Shen (4915). From 1998 to 2006, Eugene Hong served as the Chairman of the Board of Jianhua Financial Management Company, where he was responsible for the selection of investment products both inside and outside China. He was the General Manager of the American Branch of Jianhong Securities. He was responsible for promoting the division of American business in Asia and London, and Director of the Far East National Bank, Financial Analyst of Fleming Private Equity Fund and Financial Analyst of Blackstone Group Private Equity Fund in New York.

Director's Representative


Kent joined VHQ in 2014, bringing with him more than 20 years of experience in corporate finance and investor relations, having built up a vast network of resources spanning Taiwan, US, European and China markets. In his current position, Kent’s focus is to ensure that shareholders of the company are kept updated on key developments and performance on a timely basis. In the feature films space, Kent also spearheads the exploitation of co-investment opportunities with various media industry players. As a member of the VHQ Corporate team, he played a key role in VHQ Media’s Series A fundraising in 2014 as well as in the run-up to its eventual IPO in 2015.


Kent is a Taiwanese who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Finance from the University of Southern California, USA.

Independent Director,
Chairman of Audit Committee


Virginia Hsu is an Independent Director of the Audit Committee and the Chairman of the Audit Committee. She was the Deputy General Manager of Chase Bank Taipei Branch, and was responsible for the financing of Taiwan's electronics industry. The clients included Datong, TECO, Sibao, Compal and Acer Computer. In addition, she also conducted a financing and investment project evaluation of the newly-founded Bamboo Branch, which invested about US$50 million in the investment fund managed by the start-up company. After leaving Chase, she joined EFCA as an executive vice president. She is responsible for financial consultancy, investment management and capital raising for high-tech companies. She has managed a fund of US$35 million. Virginia Hsu specializes in finance, financial advisory, investment and post-investment management fields with over 10 years of experience. She graduated from the National Taiwan University then she pursued a Master Degree of Business Administration in the University of Illinois at Chicago. Virginia is presently the Managing Director of AMCC, an investment and consulting management company founded in 2000 mainly engaged in venture capital fund management and other related business.

Independent Director,
Chairman of remuneration committee


Mike Wang is an Independent Director of the Audit Committee and the Chairman of the Remuneration Committee. Mr. Wang is currently the Country Manager for Vungle China which he set up in 2015 in building infrastructure for video app advertising.


Mr. Wang was the General Manager for Zynga China in developing online mobile app. Prior to Zynga, he was the General Manager for Disney Interactive Studios for China and United States to develop mobile app from 2008 to 2014, titles include Tron, Toy Story 3, Cars 2. He played a leading role in several Gaming and Tech companies over the past 13 years in Taiwan, China and United States.


Mr. Wang graduated from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with a degree in Economics/International Area Studies-Concentration in East Asia and East Asian Studies-Concentration in China specialized in Computing (Minor in Computer Science). He is qualified as a Microsoft Certified System Engineer and Cisco Certified Network Associate.