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Legend of the Naga Pearls/Trailer Breakdown

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Legend of the Naga Pearls

The “Legend of the Naga Pearls” is the first movie to be set in the world of Novoland. The film tells the tale of the adventures of a witty thief called Ni Kongkong, a captor Hei Yu and a prince Ha Li. The three of them are  bought together by chance and embark on a wild adventure. In spite of their initial distrust for each other and wildly different character they form a strong bond and work together to stop an evil ruse that has been planned to destroy the world.

The film involved the painstaking efforts of hundreds of artists, led by Visual Arts Director Lu Beike. It features multiple environments ranging from green mountains and rivers to Tian Du city to complex underwater scenes. The film’s style mixes classic Chinese flavours with modern futuristic science and technology elements. Over 3000 concept designs had to be created for various aspects of the film.

As can be expected, realising such an extensive fantasy world involved a lot of complex visual effects work. VHQ’s team were the main vendor for the project, led by VFX Supervisor Chris Yao. We were involved from the pre-production and pre-visualisation stages right through to final post. Over 800 VFX shots were completed by our team in a period of 10 months. 

We were tasked with creating a range of complex CG creatures, from large flying dragons through to small swarms of glowing creatures called “FeiMo”, as well as a small armadillo like familiar called “Ouka”. In addition we created extensive CG environments for TianDu city (“The City of Heaven”), ancient tombs and valleys. The software Clarisse was used to populate these landscape with realistic forests. Our effects team was called upon to create some truly stunning FX, from magical auras to valleys filled with magic pearls and a gigantic portal to another world.

The film is co-produced by Shanghai Film Group Corporation, Shanghai Film Huanya Media, and Media Asia. It opened on August 11th 2017 in China, with both 3D and IMAX versions available, and is expected to have an international release.



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