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Country Head / Executive Producer

Mike Low

Mike joined VHQ Malaysia as Associate Producer in 2001 and promoted to be a Producer in 2004.  In 2008, he was posted to VHQ Singapore to become Senior Producer and Sales Manager.  In 2011, Mike was stationed in Mumbai where he spent 4 years to spearhead VHQ’s sales and marketing efforts, building a wide network of contacts and customer base, amongst of whom are icons in the Indian media industry such as Shah Rukh Khan and Abhishek Bachchan.  Much of the VHQ’s current business from the Indian sub-continent is a result of Mike’s efforts during his stint Mumbai. He was promoted to his current position in 2015, in which he is responsible for building and driving VHQ Indonesia’s business through the expansion of its client base and yield. Prior to joining VHQ, Mike was a Manager with Star Cruises, a subsidiary of Genting Group, Malaysia.


Mike is a Malaysian with Singapore Permanent Residency.

Senior Producer

Yusnita Sari

Yusnita is charged with the responsibility of managing the production team to deliver great TV commercials, for diversified brands and clients’ businesses, catering to specific peculiar production needs. She rose through the ranks to be Senior Producer, upon joining in 2008, as a Receptionist. Passionate and with great team work, she is always looking forward to new challenging projects, and exciting surprises, like working with famous Indonesian pop stars such as Afgan and Raissa.

Online Artist


Working closely with directors, producers, agencies and clients around the Asia region, Emon has performed many Indonesia and Singapore jobs at VHQ since 2011. With 17 years’ industry exposure, always daring to give unique ideas and something different for directors, Emon is a detailed Online Artist, committing heart and soul to every project.

Head of Design


“Leading by example, yet stay hungry to leverage competency,” sums up Richard’s guiding principle when collaborating with Agencies, production houses or direct clients, on any kind of project, since joining VHQ in 2011. And not to forget, forever love to be a design coach for the team. Richard sees successful collaboration via a combination of skills-enhancement, driven by focus on work ethics and team work. He has been passionate about Motion Graphic and Design for more than decade.