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Rigging TD


Job Level:
Mid to Senior

Job Responsibilities:

Rig characters based on the team requirements;be able to take direction and conduct R & D on new technology and software corresponding to different characters.

To do this role, the candidate will need to possess the following:

  • Have a good understanding of muscle structure and deformation when creature moves, and be able to control the artistic form of muscle.
  • Be proficient in model wiring.
  • Possess a strong working skills with coding or scripting in languages such as mel/python, and experience in C++ will be a plus.
  • Have rich experience in the simulation of muscle, hair and cloth.

To apply for the above position, please send your complete resume with Skype ID (for teleconference purposes) and a recent showreel/portfolio (web link preferred) to job@vhqbeijing.com

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